Game of Luck  

It is located in the tavern. You can participate in the Game of Luck with tickets bought, either with gold equal to Empire's 1-hour production, or with 850 diamonds. The number of the purchased tickets is unlimited. A lucky ticket, one for all the realms, is drawn every hour. The winner is rewarded with a gold amount equal to his 100-hour production. The Game of Luck reward is received by opening a special chest in menu Inventory / sub-menu Hoard. If there is more than one Game of Luck reward you still haven't received, you can open one chest per day.


The in-game symbolic presence of Game of Emperors administration appearing as a source of a system message. Gamemaster's messages contain official announcements on behalf of Game of Emperors team regarding upcoming events, news or successful diamond purchases. They are received in orange envelopes and are saved in System tab of Messages menu, labeled Gamemaster.

NB! Do not confuse real Gamemaster system messages with random ill-intentioned messages sent by a regular player with a name similar to gamemaster, admin, administration, Game of Emperors etc, received in a green envelope and located in the Private message's inbox, aiming to obtain personal information, such as your password, or mislead the players encouraging them to send dubious sms about non-existing diamonds. Always bear in mind that Game of Emperors will neither ask you for personal data nor lead diamond purchase propaganda via private message.

Game of Emperors team recommends immediately reporting all malicious messages of that kind and commits to permanently block the ill-intentioned users responsible for them.


Garrison determines the number of troops that can be stationed inside your Fortress. Any non-Garrisoned troops in the Holding will meet the enemy in Field Battle if the Holding comes under attack.

The size of your Garrison equals the Fortress level's Base Garrison plus any enhancement from the Military Architecture Technology or the Garrison Tactician General Skill.

Troops stationed in the Garrison do not incur Upkeep and are unaffected by Morale loss during Fortress Siege. Archer units have their Attack greatly enhanced when Garrisoned. Siege Engines occupy Garrison slots equal to their Operating Crew.

During battle Garrisoned troops are only deployed in two Battle Lines: Frontline and Artillery Line. The Garrison Frontline has no Divisions and it's composed of all Garrisoned Cavalry and Infantry.

During Fortress Assault Garrisoned troops can only be attacked by enemy Archers and suffer only 20% of their Attack. Enemy Archers prioritize the Garrison Frontline over the Garrison Artillery Line.

During Fortress Assault only Garrisoned Archers and Artillery can attack the enemy.

Garrison Tactician  

One of the skills available to Generals upon leveling up. Increases the Garrison Capacity of the Fortress. Level 1: +4% Garrison Capacity; Level 2: +6% Garrison Capacity; Level 3: +10% Garrison Capacity; Level 4: +14% Garrison Capacity; Level 5: +20% Garrison Capacity


Military rank conferred to players with 500 000-749 999 military points.

General's experience  

The overall experience points a general has gained from leading victorious battles. Experience is earned with every won battle against other players in range x2 or against independent cities.
Generals win 1 experience point against other users if the army they command kills enemy units with gold equivalent (not multiplied by 2 for points but the real one) equal to the net worth points of the winning account before the battle, divided by 100.
In the case of attacking an independent city generals win 1 experience point if the gold equivalent of the army (not multiplied by 2 but the real one) is equal to the net worth points of the user before the battle, multiplied by 1,5.

For more information about general's experience click here.

General's skills  

Skills available to all generals.

The full list of general's skills can be found here.

Global account  

Using the same username, e-mail of registration and password in all Game of Emperors realms, meaning that upon the very first registration, the username and e-mail used become permanently reserved. If a player already has an account and would like to register in a new realm with the same log in data, he should click on the 'Have an account?' link in the register form. A change in your password will affect all registered accounts linked to the Global account.

Global effect  

An effect applied to the whole Empire.

Global map  

The lands where The Great People's world is located. A map equal and fully visible for all players in the realm. The place where all Empires, colonies, alliance castles and rally points are situated and where all military interactions between players and alliances, such as attack and espionage, are exclusively executed. The measure for square area of the Global map is one point = 1 imperial mile. The whole map measures 2000x2000 points. It is accessed from the globe icon in the vertical left hand menu.

Global map's animations  

Visualization of traveling troops, either your own missions or incoming enemy attacks, on the Global map if you have previously activated the Global map's animations in Settings menu.


The currency of the game generated as a tax, exacted from the working population. It follows 6 different tax rates. Gold is generated and used in a centralized way - from the treasury, located exclusively in the Empire’s capital. This means that, at one hand, exacted taxes go directly to the treasury and, on the other hand, the required gold for Buildings, Technologies or army upkeep is drawn out automatically from there, without any need to manually transport it.

Gold balance  

The difference between expenses and income. Gold balance can be positive or negative.

Gold Equivalent  

A converted value of an item, where all the resources spent for its production are equated with Gold; 1 Gold = 1 Wood = 1 Iron = 1 Stone.

Gold transfer  

Sending gold to an ally. It is, though, limited. Players can send or receive not more than 10% of their current net worth gold equivalent. Gold transfer is taxed. The closer to their limit a player is, the more gold will be lost during transferring. The sender will be notified about the amount of gold that will be lost due to taxation. Gold can be sent with supply wagons and will be received in the Caravan Station.

NB! In order to successfully transfer gold you need a Caravan Station and supply wagons. The gold is sent from Gold transfer tab of the Caravan Station.

For more information about transfer of gold click here.


Popular naming for an abandoned empire.

Government: Barbarism  

Barbarism Government has the following effects:
Positive effects:

10% faster and cheaper military technologies
50% higher population growth
20% lower army upkeep
50% higher army carrying capacity
25% faster unit training
No loss of Happiness when recruiting
50% more resources from barbarian chests
50% less Honor losses
Gold from pillages and supply train x4
20% faster army travel

Negative effects:

10% slower and more expensive economic technologies
5 levels of Espionage
30% lower housing capacity
No tribute from vassals

Government: Feudalism  

Feudalism Government has the following effects:
Positive effects:

10% faster and cheaper economic technologies
10 levels of Counter-Espionage
15% higher farm capacity
50% cheaper annexing
100% higher garrison capacity
Free of charge repair of fortresses in provinces
50% more protected resources
50% bigger fortress impact on production in provinces
10% more hit points of the fortress
100% more governor experience

Negative effects:

10% higher army upkeep
10% slower and more expensive military technologies
20% slower army travel
100% more expensive colony foundation

Government: Imperialism  

Imperialism Government has the following effects:
Positive effects:

15% faster and cheaper economic buildings
15% higher housing capacity
75% cheaper colony foundation
Gold from vassals and trade potential x8
No loss of Happiness due to remote holdings
200% higher market capacity
10% higher colony efficiency
100% higher transport station capacity
100 Imperial Miles logistics bonus
100% bigger impact of all special resources except for Yew, Coal, Horseshoe, Granite and Diamonds.

Negative effects:

15% slower and more expensive military buildings
20% higher army upkeep
-5 levels of Counter-Espionage
20% lower province efficiency

Government: Monarchy  

Monarchy Government has the following effects:
Positive effects:

20% faster and cheaper military buildings
20 morale points more in attack
5 levels of Espionage
150% bigger impact of governor talents and skills
100% more general experience
Additional 1 inborn talent (max. 4)
Annex by force does not lower buildings' levels
Capacity of Military posts x10
3 growth points after an attack on an independent city
10% lower army upkeep

Negative effects:

10% slower and more expensive economic buildings
5% lower farm capacity
10% less protected resources
-5 morale points less in defense

Government: Neutral  

Neutral Government has no positive or negative effects on your empire's development.


A feature that allows players to choose among 4 types of governments for their empires.

- Each government type carries its own positive and negative modifiers to different aspects of the game
- They are aimed at different styles of play - offensive, defensive, etc.
- Governments can be switched but this temporarily plunges the empire into a transition period called Anarchy
- You can also choose Neutrality which leaves your empire unaffected by any modifiers
- Governments get unlocked at Centralization 1 and are visible in Rankings


A position available to all Great people who have attained majority. They can be appointed as governors of a province, a colony or a trading post. Every Great person can be a governor at only one holding at the same time. The Emperor is the governor of the Capital by default and cannot govern elsewhere.
Governors receive experience points while on their post and thus can acquire different skills that bring special bonuses.

For more information about governors see here.

Governor's experience  

The overall experience points a governor has gained from staying on his post. The governors gain 2 points every 12 minutes. The highest level of experience a governor can achieve is 20. The Emperor has a bonus to this limit - he can reach up to 30 experience levels.

Governors only acquire experience while they are on the post so if you send him on a mission or demote them they won't receive any experience points for the time of their absence.

For more information about guverner's experience click here.

Governor's skills  

Skills available to all governors.

The full list of governor's skills can be found here.

Great person  

A representative of the ruling class of your empire. Every empire has its own Great people - an Emperor, Imperial family and nobles. All Great people are located in the Palace. They can be assigned the roles of governors and generals of your holdings and thus grant you bonuses to the empire's military and economic development. You can send them abroad to marry other players' Imperial family members in order to sign a dynasty peace treaty. If you're not contented with a noble, you may send them to exile. The Emperor/Empress cannot be sent into exile.

Great person's profile  

Every portrait of a Great person in the Palace leads to his/her profile. From the profile screen you can check the Great people's marital status, experience levels, inborn talents and already acquired skills. You can appoint them for successor to the throne or send them as Marriage Candidates to other players. Selection of skills and paid experience upgrade are also performed from the Great person's profile.

Great Temple  

Alliance castle’s special building which increases the range of cultural and military influence by certain radius per level. The increase has a fading nature i.e. with every following level the difference between two levels is smaller compared with the previous one.

For more information about Great temple click here and here.


Army Unit.
Trained in: Infantry Barracks
Prerequisites: Melee Attack 20, Armor 20, Centralization 11

• Type: Melee, Infantry, Swordsman
• Priority Deployment: Center (Frontline)

+ Assault Troop: This unit is prioritized in Frontline composition during Fortress Assault
+ Close Combat: Attack x 2 vs. Archers
+ Shield Wall: This unit is boosted when defending – Hit Points x 1.2
+ Last Line of Defense: If garrisoned, this unit is boosted during Fortress Sacking – Hit Points x 2
+ Elite Troop: This unit is boosted when fighting in a Center – Attack x 1.2, Hit Points x 1.2

- Vulnerable to Cavalry: Against this unit all Cavalry has Attack x 2
- Heavy Troop: This unit suffers penalties when fighting in a Flank – Attack x 0.8, Hit Points x 0.8

For detailed unit stats, click here.

Gubernatorial Headquarters  

Economic Building.
Type: Capital, Add-on
Prerequisites: Palace 1
Maximum Level: 16

Palace Add-on. Allows you to pay resources to level up your Governors. Each level after the first one of the Gubernatorial headquarters increases the received experience from training by 5%. Each 2 levels allow for the simultaneous training of an additional great person. At level 16 up to 8 great persons can be trained simultaneously.

You can train your Great People through their Profile and Trainings tab in tab Governors in the Palace.